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“Michael did an amazing job in helping me to make sure I got my money back for my lemon. He always responded to my emails in a timely manner and he made sure to answer all the questions I had. He also made sure that my case came to a close as fast as possible. I recommend Michael for anyone who has a lemon and wants to get their money back!”

Megan A.  -Anaheim, CA


"Professional and Lemon Law Knowledgeable.”

“My experience With Michael S. Humphries law firm was worry free with a favorable decision. Before I retained Michael Firm I was stressed out on how my auto warranty was not meeting my expectations. Michael presented me with the best legal lemon options available to my case. I would 100% recommend Michael S. Humphries law firm to anyone who purchased a new vehicle with warranty issues that fall in the Lemon Law categories."

Regards, Victor Ruelas


“If your vehicle is a lemon contact Michael Humphries, He is fantastic.    Knows what he is doing and gets it done fast!”

“I looked online for an attorney near my home. The computer came up with Michael Humphries. I called and he himself answered the phone. I explained my issue, he requested I fax supporting documents. He called the next day told me I had a case. The vehicle I had purchased just over a year was a lemon. He explained it would not cost me anything and I should get most of the value from the vehicle. Within 2 months, I was at the dealer, there was a third-party person to check the vehicle, he was very kind and professional. Within 5 days [including the weekend] I had a check for the vehicle. Michael emailed, called, kept me informed thru every step of this process. I had never been in a situation like this before. I have to be honest, Michael made this so easy, he took care of everything answered all my questions and concerns. If anyone has an automobile that has continuous issues, contact Michael. He is the very Best.”

veronica m.

“Fighting a Corporate Giant”

“I have to confess that Michael is the first attorney I have ever contracted, on my behalf. My goal was to get compensated for a 2012 Chevy Cruze that started to develop transmission problems shortly after I drove the new vehicle off the showroom parking lot. Michael was someone whom I chose by googling, "Lemon Law attorneys," and so, I was going on blind faith that he would fairly and adequately represent me. And, he did. Even though, I never met Michael until I traveled up to Seal Beach to receive my (victory) compensation check from GM, I can say that he was supportive of my goals, considerate of my fears and anxieties, and "well-connected" to the right people at GM to ensure that negotiations went from a dead standstill to more "active reasoning." Subsequently, when I did meet Michael, and his family in his beachfront office, I was impressed that he was down-to-earth, friendly, and professional. If I knew someone else in this position, I would have no trouble recommending Michael to that individual; because he never let me down, from the moment I initiated contact with him.”

Suzane B.